Responsible Travel - Community, Humanity and Environment

As travellers we are given the greatest opportunity to see many different communities and cultures. We have the privilege of immersing ourselves in our global community and it is this connection to others and to our earth that Karakoram Bikers take as not just a desire to help but as a duty to ensuring we give back to humanity. Every trip you take with us, every bike hired, every item bought, is giving directly to communities in need. We work closely with local people in places we visit to find best practices for sustainable tourism, returning to local economy and maintaining pure environments. A percentage of every purchase through Karakoram Bikers goes to help these communities. ​T​ogether

Culture - In the Northern Areas

Gilgit-Baltistan formerly known as the Northern Areas are home to some of the most dramatic mountains on earth, including 5 of the eight thousanders but it is also an area rich in cultural heritage and diversity. The best way to understand local culture is to immerse yourself in it. Talk to locals, observe and connect. We keep our groups small, making it easy to just be in a place and experience the real Pakistan. It is crucial that tour operators and travellers alike respect the locals and their needs as well as utilising the opportunity to grow together while maintaining the integrity of traditional cultures.

Safety - The Ins and Outs of Security While Travelling in Pakistan

This is probably the first question that every foreign traveller thinking of venturing into the land of mighty mountains asks... Is it safe? Yes is the short answer. Here is the long answer... While much of the worlds mainstream media is harping on about terrorism and counterstrikes, people in Pakistan are trying to get on with their lives. Pakistani hate being bombed or blown up just as much as you do. You will be greeted by extreme warmth and kindness in Pakistan, where smiles light up faces and you're welcomed like a brother, sister or lifetime best friend. The areas we travel in around Hunza and Skardu are well policed, highly secure and perfectly safe. Our trips don't venture close to l

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