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Overlander Riders

Support for adventure motorbikers riding through Pakistan on their own bikes. 


We understand the needs of overland adventure riders and the issues that are faced right through from the visa application, letter of invitation, varying requirements of the different embassies, to bike issues and support that may be needed upon arrival in Pakistan and throughout your stay. Our experienced biker guides can meet you in Sost or Lahore and our team will support you through every step of your Pakistan adventure. We have successfully assited many travellers from around the world using road borders and wanting extended visa timing, we excel in liasing with embassies to ensure the best possible success in receiving visas despite unusal travel requests.  

NOTE - You are more than welcome to join us on one of our set tours using your own bike.

Areas we will assist with


- Visa support

- bike storage and customs

- road conditions

- security checks

- weather

- mountain pass openings 

- international border crossings

- Khunjerab pass open times

- mechanical specialists - tyres, mechanics

- itinerary and route advice

- opt in to be connected with other riders who  share similar dates and potentially group to share costs including links for crossing China.

Note- we do not meet travelelrs at the border area from Iran. Travellers arriving from the south we ca nonly meet upon yoru arrival in Lahore. 

And many more, just ask.

Share your travel dates and Opt in to our regsiter of overlanders. We can connect you with other riders who may be travelling around the same time as you to assist with things like shared crossing of China expense. We wont shre your details with any other travellers without checking with you first and we will never share with any third party tour operators. You info stays safe with us.

Overland Rider Support Packages


- letter of Invitation for visa,

Karakoram Bikers company documents for visa,

- one night at our homestay in Gilgit OR one night in our homestay in Lahore (both have secure bike parking)

- a Lahore  short tour.

- mechanical support as required in Gilgit or Lahore

You are of course welcome to book extra nights at our homestays.

Due to our obligations as a tour operator this is the absolute minimum we can offer for travellers on our inviation.

I am not scared, I'll do this myself thanks.


Includes letter of Invitation, Karakoram Bikers company support documents, one night in Homestay in Gilgit AND one night in Lahore, itinerary planning, Whatsapp support group, unlimted question responses, help with itinerary and follow up liasing with embassy as required.  Lahore short tour.

I feel that having the little extra support will make life so much easier.


Includes letter of Invitation, Karakoram Bikers company support documents, one night in Homestay, itinerary planning, Whatsapp support group, unlimted question responses and follow up liasing with embassy as required, guide rider meets you in Sost or Lahore, 10 days guiding along the classic Karakoram Highway between Sost and Lahore. Does NOT include accommodation or food.

This is not a full tour option with set itinerary and going into a variety of areas. This is still a basic option but with a guide rider. If wanting a full trip that also crosses into Skardu and Deosai please have a look at our set tours, yo ucan join theses from Sost or Lahore on own bikes. If adding trekking and other options let us know and we can discuss custom trip plans. 

I want Karakoram Bikers to take care of everything so I can relax and focus on the scenery and joy of riding :)