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Food on Foot - Hidden Lahore

Why travellers should do the 'Food on Foot' tour with us?

This question arose in our minds while we were planning our short food tour in Lahore. Is there anything unique we can offer to travellers which they can’t find themselves? What's not available on the internet regarding the foods of Lahore and the old city? What's that specific thing others weren't able to address in their blogs and YouTube videos?

We knew this fact and so do most visitors to Lahore... Lahore is very famous for its food.

Yes! Food is the biggest entertainment for Lahoris. Lets go out and EAT! It’s our motto. You can witness everywhere around the city that restaurants are filled with co-workers, friends , families and couples enjoying their meals, this is the vibrant and bustling Lahore.

Each corner of every street is selling food. Street food is widespread. Regardless of the time of day, whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner Lahoris are ever ready to eat.

Suppose it’s midnight and you wake up after a long day of traveling. Suddenly you feel a little hunger at this time of night. You don't need to worry because... Good News!... you are in Lahore. Restaurants are still open, Yay!!! And If you don’t want to go out, there are online food deliveries available no matter the time.

So what should we offer?

Let’s find the best hidden food places in Lahore.

My Dad often shares stories with my Sister and I about when he was young, how he’d go out to eat in Lahore. He told us of the places which have delicious food but are still to this day hiding in the busy streets of Lahore, down narrow alleys and seemingly lost amongst the chaos of the old city. Places that warm the heart, serving iconic dishes from time beyond time.

So we visited them all and tried the food. And the food is good!

The beautiful thing about all the places we visit on our Food on Foot tour is not just that the food is amazing, it is that they are very old. Some of them have been creating their dishes for a century. Many are family businesses sharing recipes, knowledge and skills down through generations. Their Grandfather started that business and now the Grandson is running the same place with the same dedication, expertise, attention, love and of course intrinsic taste.

One more special feature about these places is that they have just one branch. Some brands who become famous go on to open new branches all over the city and then into other cities. But where we will take you, places are still famous in the hearts of Lahoris and continuing from the same place where their Grandfather first began it. The specialty remains unique and grass roots.

We meander through the old streets past beautiful cultural sites such as Wazir Khan Masjid and Sunehri Masjid and take you to the places we know and love, serving safe quality dishes.

Some of our favourites that we will share with you on the Food on Foot.

- Fruit chaat

- Samosa with chatni

- Lassi

- Naan khatai

- Methai

- Ladoo pethi

- Kharak Chai

- B B Q

- Gajar ka halwa (winters)

- Kheer

- Ferni

- Khulfi

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