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Dreams were created under the shadow of the mighty Passu Cones.

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river 
moving in you, a joy.


Ride - Explore - Connect

On an overcast day with dappled sunshine creating an unexpected glow, two riders lost track of time discussing the ways of the world. Surrounded by the rugged peaks of Passu Cones and the Karakoram Mountains is enough to put everything into perspective. Ideas and dreams were shared and Karakoram Bikers was born.

At Karakoram Bikers we believe in the connection of soul, earth and adventure. We deliver custom designed tours that will see you fall in love with the Gilgit Baltistan and the northern areas of Pakistan, visiting the greater Hunza region, the Karakoram Highway, Shandour, Yasin, Skardu, Khaplu, Astore and Deosai National Park. Showcasing the most amazing mountain scenery and hospitable cultures in the world. 



Biker Boy, Deep Soul, Problem Solver

Hamza, affectionately known as Shah, is passionate about riding. He has been riding on a bike since he could walk! One trip as a child to Muree just north of Islamabad set free what was already fluttering inside him. As soon as he was able, he hit the road and headed north. The mountains welcomed him and he found his place. There is a connection one gets being on the road amongst such mind blowing scenery as The Karakoram Mountains and Himalayas. Humbled and deeply moved from his experiences on the bike, travelling and trekking, he is now driven to bring others to their knees with tears of joy, to give them wings to fly. There is no stopping the spirit and a motorcycle tour ride with Hamza with his sense of humour and playfulness make everything ok. 



Ideas Girl, Trip Planner and go to person for all things awesome.

Liz, affectionately known as Lizzy, is a seasoned traveller and a visual artist. Liz's creative approach to life and eye for the unique, instills a richness of spirit and beauty away from the mundane into every aspect of Karakoram Bikers. She gets a real buzz from finding out of the way and unusual places within places. She is an avid nature lover, trekker, artist extraordinaire and biker. Her creative background and vivid imagination ensure no trip with Karakoram Bikers can ever be dull. She has a knack for seeking out the extraordinary and unexpected. And most importantly she is driven to share amazing experiences with you :)



Most sweet Manager and Guide

Tabish Ali Butt, is a man with a heart of gold. His quiet disposition and sweet sincerity make you feel immediately at ease. Affectionately known as Butt, he has a bikers blood having been on a motorcycle continuously since age 16. Butt has ridden extensively in the wilds of Pakistan deep into places such as Noori Top, Lowari Top, Kashmir, Swat, Kalam, Hunza, Skardu, Deosai... rough roads and smooth cruising highways. He has a deep passion for adventure riding in his beautiful homeland. His experience and biking skills make a tour with Butt an amazing experience.



Guide and all round happy dude.

Ali is from the very first village of Hunza Valley, Khizarabad. He's our youngest member of the team and brings a real freshness and genuine super chill mountain vibe. When Ali was in 10th class at school his family came into some hardship which meant Ali had to leave school early in search of work. This brought him from his village to Gilgit city where he found a job in a hotel and began his journey in the tourism industry. Our team met Ali through our work in Gilgit and spent many days getting to know him. We all connected, forming a bond and Ali realised his love for mountains was first and foremost in his life. Ali soon after joined our team. Ali now manages day to day dealings at our homestay in Danyor/Gilgit, helping out travellers sharing his local knowledge and stories. Ali is a true northern soul and is well loved by Karakoram Bikers and our travellers. 



Driver and smiley guy.

Waliyat Ali aka Mr. Khapluee is our friend and the driver of our support vehicle. From the very first time we hired him for one of our Pure Pakistan tours and spent 19 days together he became an instant and loved member of our Karakoram Bikers family and  from there it never stopped. Now, he is a permanent member of our team. Mr. Khapluee is from Khaplu (hence his name!) in Gilgit Baltistan and has lived his entire life in the mountains. He is married and has five children (2 daughter and 3 sons). He loves his job and is always ready to help travellers. He is a big support on our tours. He loves listening to old classic music and likes playing polo. He is learning English so he can communicate with travellers more easily. A calm soul and highly skilled driver of  the mountains. 


Karakoram Highway

Awesome support.

Our guides are experienced motorcycle riders who we have ridden side by side with us on our adventures and they bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our tribe. Our bikers are highly knowledgable of the northern areas around Gilgit Baltistan and Pakistan in general. They have personally ridden the roads we ride on our trips and are seasoned biker travellers, giving them the skills required to solve any issues that arise and make our trips a breeze while letting you focus on the ride and the mind blowing scenery. Our guides speak English, Urdu, Punjabi and Shina.

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