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INDUS and SHYOK RIVERS - Adventure Motorbike Travel Pakistan - Routes we ride!

When you think of Northern Pakistan the mind usually lands on the images of vast expansive towering mountains, lofty spires leading the eye ever upwards and a little neck strain as you scan the upper most peaks. There is however another collection of impressive natural wonders which make our rides and adventures through these cold desert landscapes even more inspiring, the rivers. This year in 2022 we have started a new journey by adding a motorcycle tour that has a focus on the Indus and Shyok rivers. Most people know the Indus name and recognise it as the mighty river meandering its way from Tibet through Leh / Ladakh in India and travelling all the way to the Arabian Sea on the coast of Sindh just west of Karachi.

There is also the slightly lesser known Shyok River which runs from Nubrah Valley, past the Diskit Monastery where it separates from the Nubrah River, an iconic area for adventure motorbike travellers after the ride crossing Kardung la. The Shyok then enters Pakistan expanding out to create the serene and very beautiful region of the rocky river flats around Saling, Machlu and Haldi cones. This is where the Hushe river meets the Shyok and one of our favourite areas in Pakistan.

Riding along these rivers has left us with some very special places that we are excited to share with those seeking more out of the way experiences.

Then of course we finish the ride with a visit to Hunza Valley along the Hunza River following the Karakoram Highway. This classic Pakistan motorbike adventure route leaves the Indus river at the meeting point of The Karakroam, Hindukush and Himalayan ranges where the Gilgit river joins the Indus. The Hunza river that joins into the Gilgit River at Gilgit city is then the main river we follow all the way to the spectacular Passu Cones and onto Sost, then finally the Khunjerab River to the border with China, Khunjerab Pass. The wide arching turns of the highway hugging the pointy pinnacles that keep us company almost the entire ride is simply one of the most enjoyable motorbike journeys that we have on this earth.

There is a strong cultural connection across these river flats that no disputed border or religious ideals can quash. Having been fortunate enough to visit both Pakistan and India through these areas of Kashmir I feel very lucky to be able to share that experience with other riders. Travelling as an adventure tourist in their neighbours lands is something that is currently not possible for citizens of India and Pakistan. It is our dream to one day have an open area for lovers of this earth to share the beauty at its most base level. Where families and loved ones can reunite easily. We continue to dream.

For more details about our trip please look at the trip page.


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