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Safety - The Ins and Outs of Security While Travelling in Pakistan

This is probably the first question that every foreign traveller thinking of venturing into the land of mighty mountains asks... Is it safe?

Yes is the short answer.

Friendly Police at checkpoint along the Karakoram Highway.

Here is the long answer...

While much of the worlds mainstream media is harping on about terrorism and counterstrikes, people in Pakistan are trying to get on with their lives. Pakistani hate being bombed or blown up just as much as you do.

You will be greeted by extreme warmth and kindness in Pakistan, where smiles light up faces and you're welcomed like a brother, sister or lifetime best friend.

The areas we travel in around Hunza and Skardu are well policed, highly secure and perfectly safe. Our trips don't venture close to line of control in any border zone. There are multiple police check posts along areas of the Karakoram Highway and these involve a straightforward short stop where passport and visas are checked. It is Pakistan's way of monitoring travellers and ensuring a safe travel environment.

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