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Barsaati Dadu aur Samosay - Raining Frogs and Samosas

In the rainy season (known as Barsaat or Sawaan) the Pakistani community is heavily into Samosas and Pakoras, so much so that as soon as "Dadus" come out of gutters the urge for eating delicious Samosa and the rich hearty Pakora takes control of the Pakistani mentality. That very first Barsaat drop of rain is a Pakora alert for the nation. From the Froggy Dadu croak to the splash of water drops, the smell of Samosa over rides the senses. Any risk of health problems and the over expanding wastelines can not take away a Pakistani's love for eating these deep fried delicacies. So if you visit Pakistan during Barsaat you must eat Pakkoray else you have failed to experience the Dadu Punjabi culture.

Wandering through the old walled city streets on our Food on Foot tour we taste Samosa Chaat, one of our absolute favourites with chaana, salsas and fresh curd. So good!

Samosa Chaat

This story is part 1 of our Foods Of Lahore series :)

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