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Food on Foot

Join us in a truly immersive cultural up close encounter with the real Lahore. Our local Lahoreeee guides with a lifelong passion for their home town take you deep into what makes this city the vibrant, excitingly chaotic and culinary capital of the world. Together we experience old narrow streets, markets, mosques, authentic cuisine, chai and art!


We meet you at your hotel and travel via, motorbike, Tuktuk or car to the Old Walled City. We then walk on foot through old market streets stopping at as many different food places that your stomach can make room for. This trip is about experiencing the narrow lanes of the old city and tasting the variety of local and traditional foods. We stop at places that have been tried and tested by us to ensure the quality of the food so you don't need to worry about belly bugs. We can’t wait to share our Lahore with you :) 


How long is the tour? - 3/4 hrs


What do we see? - Old walled city in detail, many small food stalls including Lahore icons Rafiq Sweets and Khalifa Bakers as well as some hidden gems, markets including Shah Alam, Delhi Gate, Mochi Gate, Bhatti Gate, Wazir Khan Masjid, Kashmiri Bazaar, the smallest street in Lahore, secret garden, chowk Nawab Sahib plus a multitude of classic old sites along the walking route. 

How much does it cost? - $110 AUD includes all food and entry fees.

Includes hotel pick up and return.


DURING RAMADAn we only run this tour in the evenings

Our Food on Foot is well loved by travellers and has come a long way since we first started running this walking tour. You can see a short video of our original tour ride through the old city here.


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